Stowage program



Stowage program

With our EDP stowage program, we can calculate the optimum capacity of transport units from trucks to air freight containers to the best possible spatial use of boxes. This saves money in transport equipment and with the crate maker.

What can the program do?

  • Quick calculations for shipments transported by several containers or trucks
  • Taking maximum weights per loading unit into account
  • Packing pieces with different weights, different stacking regulations
  • Loading several containers, certain packing pieces but in pre-defined containers
  • Non-loadable area (e.g. gooseneck chassis) can be taken into account
  • Quickly calculate, e.g. for 80 different crates and crates to determine how many loading units are required
  • Packing pallets optimally and then stowing them as best possible
  • ULDs (air freight containers) can easily be calculated
  • we can load not only boxes, also rolls, L-shapes (sofas), and so on

With optimum stowage, we were often "half-a-truck" cheaper!

If we take care of the transport, the calculation is free of charge!