The transport of hazardous goods is a matter of trust



Hazardous goods

For the sake of our customers, for safe streets, for our environment!

As a competent company in the field of hazardous goods transport on the road, safety is of top importance to us! Prominent companies in the chemical and dye industry have shown trust in us because ofour careful handling of hazardous goods.

The significance of the sender is usually underestimated when handling hazardous goods on a daily basis. The sender – or consignor – is always at the start of the transport chain. Any misjudgement of this connecting link in the logistics chain can thus be dangerous. Negligence in this area could also have severe consequences – aside from administrative penalties – if an accident were to result. We therefore advise our customers to take the necessary precautions for proper hazardous goods transports (documents, packaging, groupage loading prohibitions). 

The instructions in the transport document must include, among other things, the UN number, the official name of the hazardous material, packaging group or the classification code. Transporters and loaders must always indicate the hazardous goods and classification.

The vehicles used are inspected by us to a great extent in advance to ensure a seamless transport process. 

We will take care of these things for you:

  • Written instructions (previously known as accident procedures sheet) in all European languages
  • Hazardous goods sheets, stickers, etc.
  • Legal consultation and support according to the respective, applicable hazardous goods transport laws (GGBG, Carriage of Hazardous Goods Act).

Particularly well-trained hazardous goods experts are continuously kept up to date by ongoing training. Especially developed EDP programs also help to quickly answer all questions about hazardous goods transports.

Since the introduction of ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) in 1999 and in view of the related severe increase in penalties for hazardous goods offenses, we are proud to present the following resume:

  • Transported hazardous goods shipments: More than 100,000
  • Administrative procedures according to the Carriage of Hazardous Goods Act (GGBG): 1
  • Procedures thereof abandoned: 1
  • Total penalties from 1999 to present: € 0

The fact that the company was founded in 1991 and that there have been no ADR penalties incurred by us, our customers and our transport agents since then, speaks for itself.